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心輪冥想點化 The initiation of Meditation of Heart


心輪冥想 Meditation of Heart

心輪冥想是用[神是愛]的敬語, 所進行的持咒冥想.

這個冥想的啟動是透過一個點化儀式, 在冥想中被增強的能量流, 會透過這儀式引導進入你的心輪, 藉此讓[神是愛]與你自身的愛與真理接觸, 深化這種經驗.

點化之後, 要在心輪不斷複誦[神是愛]. 一開始會有雜念干擾, 是來自缺乏專注力、未獲解決或未實現的個人生命面向、及靜坐層次尚未深化. 這些雜念終究會隨著規律的修習而消失. 屆時將會達到一個更強的持咒層次, 用來一直伴隨你的念頭, 而不會被你自己的念頭所影響或干擾.

持咒通常每天早晚, 花各十五分鐘, 也可以靜坐更久. 然而規律、持續不斷的修習, 不受心情與情緒起伏的影響, 要比偶爾一次的長時間練習, 來得更重要.


點化的先決條件, 是完全不受毒品影響. 在獲知這份訊息到接受點化之間, 要隔四個禮拜, 好有足夠時間讓你去探索有關自己內在道路的心之渴望.

冥想的點化獨立於任何宗教、信仰與傳承. 它不收費用, 唯一的要求是你對自己全然負責.

請不吝與我進一步聯繫, 我樂意會解答相關的問題.

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The Meditation of the Heart

The Meditation of the Heart is a mantra meditation with the mantra „God is Love“.

The initiation to this meditation is performed through an initiation ceremony. This serves the purpose to guide the energy flow, which is encouraged through the meditation, into your own heart chakra, in order to deepen the experience of “God is Love” in contact with your own personal love and truth

After this initiation the mantra is used like a never ending chain of mental repetitions of “God is Love”. Distracting thought patterns in the beginning are signs of a lack of concentration, of the dissolution of unrealized personal life aspects as well as a not yet deepened level of meditation. These thought patterns will vanish eventually with regular practice. A stronger level of mantra recitation will be reached, which can be used permanently and parallel to your own thoughts. It will not be influenced or disturbed by your thoughts.

The recitation of the mantra is generally performed in 15-minute-sessions in the morning and in the evening. It is possible to meditate more, yet a regular practice regardless of your mood and emotional state is more important than a longer session.

You should use the mantra in your own mother tongue.

Requirement for the initiation is the complete freedom from drugs. Between this information and the initiation you should wait for a period of 4 weeks, in which you should examine your heart’s wishes concerning your own inner path.

The initiation to the meditation is independent from any religious belief or heritage. It is free of charge and the only responsibilities arising thereof are the ones to yourself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us personally. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding this practice.